Fault Recording System

Client: Power Plant in Maharashtra

Project Requirements:

  • Disturbance Fault Recording system for Lines
  • When any Line is trips, to find the cause and to fill RCA report i.e. Root Cause Analysis Report.
  • Need information – at what time fault occurred, status of digital channels, status of analog channels etc.

Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus:

  • DFR records graphically all the voltages and currents as well as protective relay operations during any power system disturbances such as… fault condition, power swing, power system frequency deviation and other information related to dynamic system phenomena using fast and slow sampling rate
  • Cross trigger function
  • High speed fault recording with a sample rate up to 512 samples per cycle sampling rate
  • In built Data storage facility
  • Analog resolution: 20 bits on current channels
  • Recording of continuous slow scan data upto 45 days
  • 61850 compatibility
  • Supporting GPS synchronization on NTP
  • Advanced HMI provision
  • Advanced IQ+ client server master station software for analysis
  • Supply, Engineering of Disturbance fault Recorder with Analog and Digital input having Time Synchronization facility
  • Retrofitting, Commissioning & testing of new supplied Disturbance recorder in existing Disturbance Recorder panel

Customer Benefits:

  • The information provided by Recording System is valuable in the diagnosis and prevention of system failures
  • Cost effective solution
  • A onetime simple installation for many functions saving project time and money
  • Lower full life costs (service & maintenance etc..)
  • Improved information for business decision making
  • One software package collects all data sets and saves it to an SQL database