Humidity Cum Temperature Transmitter HT16W

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humidity cum temperature transmitter

The Humidity & Temperature Transmitter HT16W is a complete battery operated transmitter with no wiring Hassle. The HT16W Humidity & Temperature Transmitter offers monitoring of humidity & temperature of Warehouses/Storage Rooms/Production Units mainly catering to the Pharma sector. The HT16W Humidity Cum Temperature Transmitter is wireless and easy to install keeping the plant a Clean Room Application. As per the US FDA 21CFR PART-11 compliance systems humidity and temperature monitoring reports should be in un-editable formats with data logger and alarm Features. The HT16W Humidity Cum Temperature Transmitter is the perfect fit for these requirements.


  • ZigBee wireless RH/T transmitter with Integral display
  • Operates License free ISM Band of 2.4Ghz
  • Low Power Battery operated with long Battery life
  • Max and Min readings
  • Hi/Lo Alarms
  • Battery Status and Signal strength indication
  • USB port for Mains Adaptor
  • Custom built LCD display
  • Can operate both in Star & Mesh network
  • Configurable by front keypad
  • Supported by Masibus Wireless Logger and PC software

The HT16W Humidity Cum Temperature Transmitter is battery operated having a wireless receiver. It communicates to a Wireless receiver/ Data logger and transfers Data at set periods. In a SCADA software you can get trends, alarm, SMS, email and report functionality. Our SCADA is US FDA 21CFR PART-11 compliant. Data is stored in case of wireless miscommunication both at transmitter end and also at receiver end and data is then uploaded to PC once connection is re-established. This ensures no data logged by transmitter is lost.


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Clean Rooms & Warehouses
  • Food Industry
  • Building Automation
  • HVAC Systems
  • Cold Storage
  • Energy Management
  • Laboratory & Medical Industry