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Beamex PG Hand-Held Pressure Generators


The PGXH is a hand-held, hydraulic, high-pressure generator compatible with many different liquids (e.g. mineral oil, distilled water, etc.). The pump is equipped with an adjustable volume control for fine-tuning generated pressure. The PGXH can be equipped with an optional relief valve providing adjustable over pressure protection in different ranges.


The PGPH is a hand-operated pneumatic (air as pressure medium) high-pressure table pressure generator. The pump is efficient in generating both vacuum and high pressure up to 140 bar (2,000 psi) quickly and effortlessly. It takes less than one minute to generate the maximum pressure. The PGPH is equipped with an adjustable volume control, providing excellent fine-tuning of generated pressure, and two hand-tight connectors allowing fast and easy connections without the need for any tools.


The PGM is a hand-held pressure calibration pump that uses air as its pressure medium. The extremely accurate volume control provides the excellent fine adjustment of pressure. The pump’s unique and sturdy construction makes the PGM the ultimate field calibration pump.


The PGL is a hand-operated pressure table pump for low pressure using air as its pressure medium. The pump is equipped with an isothermal bellows chamber for reducing possible environmental temperature changes during the calibration process. With the screw-operated volume control and fine adjustment, an extremely accurate and stable pressure adjustment is possible.


The PGV is a highly efficient vacuum pump generating vacuum quickly using a pulling action. The extensive volume control provides fine adjustment of the generated vacuum. The compact, sturdy and lightweight construction is designed for use in tough field environments

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MS 420 Mini Source Portable Calibrator

The Martel Electronics MS-420 Mini-Source Portable Calibrator is a multi-purpose process loop tool that offers high accuracy in an ultra-small, rugged package.

A single pushbutton selects one of five current outputs (4, 8, 12, 16, or 20 mA), which can drive up to 300 Ohms, or can act as a 2-wire simulator with an external loop power supply of up to 30 VDC.

Each unit is provided with a 9 V battery, NIST Certificate, and instruction manual.


  • Chart recorder
  • Panel meter
  • Data acquisition
  • Other process Instruments

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accessorie-all-pumps v1 Calibration pumps

The external pressure modules introduce new configuration possibilities and add flexibility, as it is possible to calibrate even more pressure rang...

External-Pressure-Module External Pressure Modules (EXT)

The external pressure modules introduce new configuration possibilities and add flexibility, as it is possible to calibrate even more pressure ranges with the same calibrator…

BetaGauge-PI-PRO-Pressure-Calibration-Gauge BetaGauge PI PRO Pressure Calibration Gauge

Digital Pressure Test Gauge. Single-Handed Process Validation

The BetaGauge PI PRO builds on the proven performance of the BetaGauge PI with a new purpose designed Zinc-Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Cast housing…

BetaGauge-PIR-PRO-Reference-Class-Digital-Pressure-Test-Gauge BetaGauge PIR PRO Reference Class Digital Pressure Test Gauge

As with the original high accuracy BetaGauge P.I. PRO gauges, the BetaGauge PIR PRO takes the concept of a simple analog Test Gauge and combines it with the accuracy of digital technology…

T-140-Pressure-Manometer T-140 Pressure Manometer

Precision Pressure Calibrator / Digital Manometer

The digital pressure manometer is part of the Martel Electronics Tuff-Tools line of calibrators and is designed to give technicians laboratory-grade accuracy in a family of rugged, easy-to-use instruments…

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Masibus Calibration Test Bench MTB4000 Series

MTB 4000 Series developed with intelligence of versatile and modular design, keeping in mind the instrument testing and calibration procedures.

The modular concept gives it the ease and makes it possible for a wide range of configurations and performance capabilities. All calibration benches are custom-built and engineered, meeting industry applications and standards of maintenance and calibrations of various devices used in the plant. It helps industry to maintain calibration data and healthiness of all field devices to give optimum performance.

Calibration Test Bench MTB4000 Series

  • Manual/Semi-Automatic/Automatic Pneumatic Test Bench
  • Manual/Semi-Automatic/Automatic Temperature Test Bench
  • Multifunction Test Bench
  • Electrical & Electronics Test Bench
  • Automated Electrical Motor Test Beds
  • PCB Repair Test Bench


  • Custom-made to meet precise user requirement
  • Made from high grade steel/aluminum profiles
  • Ideal solution for process industries for multi-product testing
  • Flexible calibration facility for pressure, temperature, and electrical instruments
  • HART/FF/PA communication
  • Calibration Management software for documenting
  • Safe & Ergonomic Design


  • Equipments within a hand's reach
  • Flexible maintenance
  • Easy start-up
  • Trouble free calibration process
  • Increase efficiency
  • Time-saving

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Temperature Blocks

FB-Series---Dry-Block FB Temperature Field Block

The FB Field Temperature Block is an ideal temperature block for industrial field use. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is a very fast dry b...

MB-Series---Dry-Block MB Temperature Metrology Block

The MB Metrology Temperature Block is a portable temperature dry block delivering bath-level accuracy for industrial applications.

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