Plant wide SCADA System

Client: One of the India’s largest Steel Producer Company

Project Requirements:

  • Monitoring of various sub Plant parameters
  • Online Energy Balance
  • Management Information System Reporting
  • Energy Consumption / Ton of Production
  • Plant Networking
  • Connectivity with other Level 1& 2 System

Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus:

Masibus SCADA system takes place at two organized levels, Master control station, & Remote telemetry units. The Master control station is located in the Data Management Centre & the remote telemetry units (field equipment) installed at the production points & the distribution points in the plant Complex.

The SCADA system monitors the distribution networks, acquire data from its associated remote telemetry units on a real time basis, process, & analyses data as required, display the results, guide the operator for taking appropriate decision, effecting control, and transmit control commands to the remote telemetry units. The system ensures co-ordination of activities and data acquisition in respect of all resources, demand and status/ condition of various units/ sub units by exercising control on various parameters.

  • Online monitoring of all Energy Parameters
  • Redundant SCADA System
  • Availability of Energy Data in Plant Intranet
  • Energy Consumption / Ton of Steel Manufacturing
  • Plant wide single point failure Network connectivity
  • Alarm and Faults observation from control room
  • Analysis of frequent alarm and faults through Historian Reports

MASIBUS offered engineering, supply, testing, installation, and commissioning of complete SCADA for Energy monitoring of the Electrical distribution & Gas networks.

Customer Advantages:

  • Optimum energy performance in the Plant
  • Accurate Data analysis
  • System provides common point to monitor the parameter
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Redundant servers and fault tolerant networking
  • Reports, trends, alarms and data historian