PCLOG Data Acquisition Software

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data acquisition software


Industry is under growing pressure to optimize manufacturing processes, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements. This has created an increasing dependence on the PC based Hybrid Recorder.


Collecting process data is now a necessity. Many manufacturing and processing facilities have invested in many DAQ modules like Dataloggers, Scanner etc. to capture and monitor large volumes of process information. Masibus PCLOG provides valuable information, enable simple to complex analysis and help companies make key decisions about process performance improvement from collected data.

PCLOG is a PC based recording, monitoring and reporting tool with enhanced interfacing and visualization features. It is an economic and replacement of conventional dataloggers and paper-recorders. This software can be installed on PC with any latest Windows OS and can be interfaced with Masibus or other DAQ modules. PCLOG optionally complies with FDA norms of electronic signature (21 CFR, Part 11) for applications like food, chemical, pharmaceutical etc.


  • Integration with front end multichannel Scanner-85XX, Data Logger-8040
  • Easy access to parameter settings, monitoring, logging data and status of hardware
  • User-friendly menu with standard Mouse, Keyboard or Functional Hot Keys
  • Provides alarm annunciation
  • Real time data acquisition and monitoring
  • Data presentation in 3D Bar graph, trend curves and large digital display
  • Interval time of recorded data can be programmed
  • System & menu functions are user friendly
  • System is also available with the facility of supervisory password


  • Work towards achieving process efficiency targets by using reports
  • Turn masses of data into meaningful information and achieve a complete picture of plant processes
  • Improve return on assets and profit margin by accessing accurate plant data
  • No need of any recording pens, paper like conventional recording system
  • Vendor independent product
  • Longtime storage of recorded data
  • Reduced cabling cost and low maintenance avoiding operation and maintenance of multiple recorders


Process measurements for variables like temperature, pressure, flow, pH, humidity and engineering applications such as high-speed testing, SPC and other laboratory or off-line uses where a graphic or digital record of selected variables is desired.


Display: Real time data in various formats like large digital displays, bar graphs and group displays.

Utility Page: PCLOG offers various utilities like tag debug, IO device statistics, calculator and notepad for operator log, computer setup, report setup, PC CPU usage and date / time settings.

Real-time/ Historical Trend Display: This shows real time and historical trend of all channels and provides facility for Zoom.

Report: Colorful report in excel for user selectable time period.

Alarm Annunciation: It provides display of alarm status both as line display and also soft window annunciation.