Event & Fault Recording

Event & Fault Recording2017-03-30T20:53:26+00:00

Fault Recording

Qualitrol IDM+ Disturbance Recorder

Features Various options: 9 AI /32 DI, 18 AI/ 64 DI and 36 AI/128 DI per device High speed fault recording with a sample rate up to 512 samples per cycle In built Data storage facility upto 4 GB, optionally up to 16 GB Analog resolution:…

Qualitrol Q-PMU 9 Phasor Measurement Unit

Features Synchronized streaming support for maximum of 36 phasors and 64 digital inputs Ideal for use when a multifunction device cannot be justified Modular and scalable platform with full compliance to IEEE C37.118.1-2005 Simple…

Sequential Event Recorders

Qualitrol QNet4100 Alarm and Event Management System

QNet4100 system ensures real-time monitoring of events with time accuracy of 1millisecond. Early detection and accurate diagnostics is crucial to reduce outages and their associated costs. The real time display of alarms accurately represents the…