Power & Energy

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AC Line Transducers

Current/ Voltage/ Power/ Frequency Transducers

Masibus manufactures high quality AC Line Transducers of various types to help you manage and conserve electricity. All electrical parameters such as Current, Voltage, Active Power, Reactive Power, Frequency and Power factor can be accurately measured….

MFT – Multi Function Transducer

analog o/p channels. Any parameter can be assigned to any channel as well as single parameter can be assigned to multiple channels. MFT has isolated interface between device’ internal electronics and field to ensure personal safety. MFT replaces a…

Energy Monitoring System

Energy Monitoring System

Masibus offerings improve system efficiency by providing real time data for control and monitoring. Remote control of switchgear equipments, automatic load shedding, logging of all operations & availability of historical data for analysis is…

Power & Energy Monitoring

2160-A Multifunction Power & Energy Meter

The CT/PT ratio and installation type are site selectable, making it possible to use the meter in various types of three phase installations. 2160-A provides four-quadrant energy measurement along with ON (working) hour, RUN (Load) Hour, thus…

2310/ 2330 VAF Indicator