Energy Monitoring System

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Energy Monitoring System

Masibus offers Integration of all electrical protection relays/metering, Feeder Pillar, GPS Time Synchronizing, Sequential recorder as well as utility like UPS, DG set, Battery and Battery charger, Fire alarm system etc. Masibus main USP is system integration of third party hardware and software as having domain experience on handling communication protocols like modbus RTU, TCP/IP, DNP 3.0., IEC101/103/104/61850, IRIG B, SNTP, NTP, Profibus etc. Masibus offers Comprehensive Energy Management System to achieve ISO 50001.

Masibus offerings improve system efficiency by providing real time data for control and monitoring. Remote control of switchgear equipments, automatic load shedding, logging of all operations & availability of historical data for analysis is the part of Masibus energy management offerings. Masibus optimizes by providing protection, metering, event recording, time synchronization & system integration of mentioned hardware and software solutions to the customer over media like Fiber/ Wireless (GPRS solution).

Masibus is well capable to integrate with third party IED’s, Numeric relays & PLC’s as our system has capabilities to interface with third party devices.

  • EMS System helps the operations manager/ staff to understand the behavior of energy systems under various operating parameters based on which appropriate operational changes could be incorporated for achieving maximum energy efficiency of system within stipulated constraints.
  • Performance deterioration can be identified for timely remedial action
  • Energy management plans such as replacement of low efficiency equipment with energy efficient technologies.
  • Maintenance managers can use energy database for maintenance planning.
  • Project personnel can use the energy database for selection of energy efficient equipment/ technologies for future applications.
  • R&D personnel may use energy database information for their developmental activities