MTS200 masTER Time-Sync Unit

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Time Synchronization Unit

Time Synchronization Unit masTER Time-Sync MTS200  is capable for the time synchronization requirements in various industries like Power, IT, Process, Telecommunication. MTS200 generates wide range of time code and pulse signals via different output ports like Serial, PPS, IRIG-B, Ethernet and PFC relay.

Time Synchronization Unit MTS200 time sync unit has a 2 x 20 LCD display for viewing of time parameters, status of GPS receiver parameters and output ports, discrete LEDs provide at-aglance status and health information. The GPS receiver has built-in RTC backed up with on board battery to maintain time during power loss and instant recovery on power resumption.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)
MTS200 is a Stratum 1 GPS based full featured NTP Server that synchronizes all types of NTP and SNTP clients in a LAN. NTP v2/v3 and v4 with all modes (Unicast / Broadcast / Multicast) and all necessary MD5 based authentication mechanisms are provided in MTS200. It is also capable to record and log internal CPU clock drift and accuracy statistics and displays it graphically on MTS200 webserver.

Networking Protocols
MTS200 supports a full suite of networking protocols like IPv4, TCP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, SSH, SCP, SYSLOG, TELNET for its own administration and configuration management.

Security Features
MTS200 time sync unit provides secured access for device configuration and management through SSH, SCP, HTTPS. It has full featured SNMP protocol with encryption DES/AES and authentication SHA/MD5 mechanism. Device configuration through SSH, Telnet and webserver is MD5 based password protected.

User Friendly Setup and Administration
MTS200 time sync unit is simple to install and easy to manage. Front panel controls allows network configuration and other set-up parameters. DHCP capability makes MTS200 easy & ready to use on site network. Further, MTS200 can be completely configured remotely through Webserver, SSH, SNMP, Telnet & Serial port. MTS200 can send notifications regarding various internal alarms to remote servers through SYSLOG and SNMP as well as logs it internally for future reference.

Features of Time Synchronization Unit

  • 12 Satellite parallel tracking
  • Dual Ethernet ports (Optional 1 x 1Gbps port)
  • NTPv2/v3 and NTPv4 with MD5 authentication with symmetric and autokey management
  • Secured Webserver
  • SNMP, SSH, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SYSLOG, Telnet and more networking protocols
  • Remote Alarm notifications via SNMP, SYSLOG
  • Remote configuration using SSH, Webserver, SNMP, Telnet
  • Universal Time-zone and DST Settings
  • Supports synchronization of IEC61850 compliant devices via NTP/SNTP protocol
  • Universal (AC/DC) Power Supply
  • Highly accurate TCXO crystal (OCXO Optional)
  • Programmable Pulse Outputs
  • Solid State relays for programmable events
  • All weather water proof antenna
  • NTP Client Synchronization software
  • Diagnostic Relay outputs
  • Supporting Time Protocols:
    • NGTS, T-Format, NMEA
    • IRIG-B Modulated
    • IRIG-B TTL
    • STP/NTP (RJ45)

Applications of Time Synchronization Unit

  • Sequence of event recorders, Disturbance recorders
  • Numerical relays, Slave clocks
  • UNIX, Linux, Solaris & Windows servers
  • PLC/DCS/SCADA, ABT metering
  • Telecommunication, Synchrophasor measurement
  • EMS system, Fault Locator