VT7S12E Dual Channel Vibration Transmitter

VT7S12E Dual Channel Vibration Transmitter 2016-12-09T21:55:05+00:00


VT7S12E is the most advanced & Compact Vibration Transmitter. It accepts input directly from ICP type Accelerometer, processes the signal and gives analog output in the form of standard current or voltage; the vibration measurement range is field configurable for acceleration, velocity or displacement. Optionally VT7S12E also accepts one RPM input. The output signal is usually interfaced with PLC or DCS for monitoring and protection.

VT7S12E Transmitter has two Relay outputs per channel for Alarm, Trip. Also has additional outputs like Buffered output on BNC connector for analysis purpose, and optional RS485 serial port for direct interface with PLC, DCS or SCADA VT7S12E is aimed for balance of plant equipments like Pumps, Motors, Fans, Blowers, etc to provide monitoring and protection, the unit Employs True-RMS and calculated RMS-Peak measurement techniques, considered best for general machine condition monitoring.

The unit can be field configured and operated by means of front keyboard and display, Relay set points and logic can be set for all application types including fail-safe operation, all configured data is stored in a non-volatile memory.


  • Compact DIN Rail mounting
  • 4 Digit LED display for Parameter Value & 1 Digit LED display for channel no
  • Dual channel (optional single channel) Micro Controller based
  • Same model Field Configurable for Acceleration, Velocity or Displacement range
  • Field configurable by front keys and display
  • Transmitter/Input signal health check
  • Relay for Alarms/Trip
  • RPM Measurement (optional)
  • Serial Modbus Interface (optional)


  • Balance of Plant Vibration measurement and protection
  • Cooling Towers
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Gear Boxes
  • Blowers
  • ID/ FD/ PA Fans
  • Air Compressors
  • Conveyors