Vibration Calibrator CA200

Vibration Calibrator CA200 2017-06-24T12:21:43+00:00
Vibration Calibrator


  • Possible to test most accelerometers, velocity transducers and proximity probes.
  • Measures the transducer signal and reliability
  • Can be used mobile in a plant, with only line voltage.
  • Vibrograph© software is virtual instrument, communication through USB. The amplifier is controlled by Vibrograph©.
  • A calibration certificate with response plot can be generated automatically.
  • Delivered in a bag, complete with vibrator, reference transducer, amplifier and software.


  • Increase reliability in measurements and analysis
  • Routine calibration of sensors and associated instrumentation is recommended to improve confidence in measurement accuracy and acquired data.


  • This equipment makes it easy to support customers with an additional and profitable service