Time Synchronization GPS System

Client:   IT system in Gujarat and Noida

Project Requirements:

Time synchronization vide GPS based Master clock at Primary Data Centre (PDC) and Disaster Recovery Centre  (DRC) each to synchronize the respective server landscape time

Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus:

  • 12 Satellite parallel tracking
  • Supports synchronization of IEC61850 compliant devices via NTP/SNTP protocol
  • Highly accurate TCXO Type crystal
  • 4×20 character backlit LCD display
  • Synchronization software for Server & Client
  • Remote configuration using TELNET
  • Front panel display and keypad for configuration and viewing of time parameters and output ports, discrete LEDs provide at-aglance status and health information.
  • Also programmable via hyper terminal on the serial port, Ethernet parameters like IP gateway and subnet mask are programmable via the Ethernet port using Telnet, for more than one Ethernet port each port is individually programmable for IP and subnet
  • Supply of GPS Master clock with NTP port, Serial port, NTP Client software
  • GPS time servers use the precision timing data from GPS  to provide accurate time into the data center
  • Time sync of GPS with Server at Datacenter for Supplier Relation Management
  • Installation & Commissioning of total system

Customer Benefits:

  • All server at Datacenter time synced with GPS thus providing accurate timing for SAP system
  • GPS system is capable of delivering timing accuracies of within 1 microsecond of coordinated universal time (UTC).
  • Having a time server at each location allows all of the applications and data to be synchronized accurately and reliably.
  • Increase transparency and provides in real time – with real flexibility