Air Fin Cooler & Gear Box Vibration Monitoring System

Client: Oil Refinery in Gujarat

Project Requirements

  • Online Gear Box Vibration Monitoring System for Hydrocracker Air Fin Coolers
  • Continuous on line Intrinsically safe Vibration monitoring system with Hazardous area classification: Class I Div I Gr. BCD for Hydrocracker Air Fin Coolers locally and provision to transmit signal to remote DCS with the help of suitable standard analog signal in the form of 4-20mA signal individually and also buffered output for data acquisition and analysis for each probe of each Fan.

Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus

  • Online Vibration Monitoring
  • Suitable for Hazardous Application
  • 4-20mA Output for DCS connection
  • Buffered output for analysis
  • Masibus provided complete solution of Gear Box monitoring System. Two Hazardous approved Transducers mounted in Drive and Non Drive End of each Fan bearing housing and Vibration Display unit at 35mts from each Fin Fan location.
  • Vibration transmitter reads input from accelerometer and gives 4-20mA and buffered output for analysis. Micro controller based Vibration Monitor displays the vibration.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved Overall efficiency by increasing machine uptime
  • Improved safety by decreasing the risk of machine failure
  • Continuous machine health information allows predictive maintenance, avoiding and limiting machine damage
  • Reduced capital costs by extending machine service life
  • Decreased machine servicing cost by repairing or replacing those part which are damaged or worn out
  • Decreased machine repair costs by recognizing problems before they cause serious damage
  • Reduced machine downtime by allowing machines to be maintained while in service
  • Reduced risk of unplanned shutdowns by allowing scheduled maintenance to coincide with production requirements
  • Periodic monitoring minimizes or eliminates catastrophic machinery failures