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String Box Monitor SBM-16

String Box Monitor SBM-16

SBM-16 The String Box Monitor is designed to monitor DC current of Solar PV strings using non-contact Hall Effect Sensors or DC shunt Resistors. Solar panels generate DC current, which flows through strings into a combiner box. String monitoring box SBM-16 measures the current flowing through individual strings in the combiner box to check that the solar array is operating at its peak capacity, before they are combined into one DC output. Using this technology one can detect instantaneously any issues affecting the photovoltaic array and therefore the energy yield by the PV modules.

The SBM-16 can monitor 12 strings and 4 Auxiliary Sensors like Temperature, Transducers. The unit has built-in ±15V Excitation voltage for Hall sensors and the Aux. Channels are individually programmable for RTD, Thermocouples, mV and Volt. SBM-16 has fast scan time of less than one Second for precise monitoring.The SBM-16 String monitoring box has upto two RS485 serial ports with Modbus RTU protocol and windows based software to configure and monitor the device, front panel DIP switches help set the device ID and discrete LEDs provide diagnostics and status. String monitoring module is installed in String Combiner Box to monitor DC current of Solar PV strings.

  • DC monitoring of PV strings
  • Can Monitor 12 Strings and 4 Aux sensors
  • Can accept Hall sensors or DC shunts
  • Can measure temperature
  • Built-in Hall sensors excitation
  • Front LED display for status & fault diagnostics
  • Upto 2 X RS-485 ports with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Windows configuration and monitoring software
  • Scan time of less than one second
  • DIN rail mount
  • Precise monitoring and detection of string failures
  • Monitoring of PV cell power generation
  • DC current monitoring of Solar PV strings
  • Operations and Maintenance tool
  • String monitoring for Photovoltaic (PV) systems
  • Monitor key panel performance and production parameters
  • DC module for Smart combiner box manufacturers
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