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8/16/24 Channel Scanner/Protection Relay cum Data Logger 85XX+ LANDING PAGE

8/16/24-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay cum Data Logger 85XX+

Masibus Manufacturer of 85XX⁺ Multichannel Temperature Scanner which is an upgrade on the most successful model 85XX Temperature scanner.

Modular and Expandable Temperature Scanner
85XX⁺ Temperature scanner is modular in architecture and Expandable Data Acquisition module, 5 I/O slots can accommodate a Universal Analog Input, Digital Input, Open collector output, Analog output or Relay output. All field Connections are wired by Pre-Fab cables

Fully Configurable Temperature scanner
85XX⁺ is configured using the mSCAN⁺ software & front keyboard. The unit has numeric and alpha-numeric displays for value and tag display. Alarm/Trip/control status are displayed by discrete LEDs on front fascia.

Temperature scanner comes with Multiple Communication Ports like RS485/Ethernet/USB/ProfibusDPV0

Temperature scanner has Alarm Control feature using Comprehensive Alarm/Trip logic

Temperature scanner has Isolated Retransmission output for PLC/DCS/Recorder/SCADA

  • Compact and Rugged
  • Alpha-Numeric display for programmable tag no / Engg unit
  • EMI/EMC Type test qualified & CE Marked
  • 8 Channel Universal Analog Input Module
  • 16 Channel Digital Input Module (Optional)
  • 4/ 8 Relay Output Module (Optional)
  • 24 Open Collector Output Module (Optional)
  • Analog Output (Optional)
  • Fast sampling and generation of Alarm/Trip
  • User free mapping of Relay to Channels
  • Comprehensive alarm/trip logic
  • RS485 Serial port (one standard and 2nd Optional)
  • 1X Ethernet port (Optional)
  • 1X USB port (Optional for logged data retrieval)
  • 1X Profibus-DP port (Optional)
  • Modbus RTU over serial and Modnet over Ethernet Protocols
  • Windows based free mSCAN⁺ configuration software
  • Datalogging option
  • Extruded Aluminum Chassis with IP55 front fascia
  • Electrical Substation Monitoring
  • BusBar Temperature monitoring in LT-Distribution Panel
  • Motor/Generator Winding & Bearing temperature Monitoring and Protection
  • Transformer monitoring and protection
  • Monitoring of Air compressor, pump, transformers, fans and blowers DG set temperature monitoring
  • Asset Monitoring
  • As a Serial/Ethernet – SCADA RTU
  • Multi Point On/Off control
  • Heat Treatment: to achieve desired result of hardening or softening material
  • Metal and mining applications
  • Machine condition monitoring
  • As a distributed Remote I/O module for PLC/DCS/DAS etc
  • IIOT Industry 4.0
  • Power
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Panel Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Paper
  • Pharma
  • Sugar
  • Heat Treatment
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