Instrumentation Laboratory Equipment Package for Power Plant

Client: Supercritical technology based Mega Power Plant.

Project Requirements:

  • Turnkey based complete “Instrumentation Laboratory Equipment Package”
  • Wide variety of test & measurement instruments
  • Solution provided by supply of primary standard DWT, Master & Test Pressure Gauge to secondary standards multifunction electronic calibrator
  • Complete electronics troubleshooting & repair solution provided by combination of different instruments
  • Huge quantity of calibrators and test & measurement devices for field & laboratory use
  • Three Pressure/ Temperature calibration test bench, along with calibration software and one electronics test bench

Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus:

  • One roof solution for complete Instrumentation department maintenance management.
  • Total four Test benches, along with 1 Server + 3 client Licensed Calibration Software for Calibration and maintenance management.
  • Portable pressure/ multifunction calibrator- 7 Nos., Voltage-Current Calibrator -10 Nos., Total 30 Nos. of Test RTD & Thermocouples, Dry Block Calibrator- 5 Nos. , Automated Pressure Controller -2 Nos., Multimeter-10 Nos. Power supplies-15 Nos. , DWT-3 Nos. and more than 25 Nos. other Test & Measurement instruments, 30 Nos. of cupboard-racks furniture items etc.
  • Includes the Mechanical items like Heavy duty Workbenches, Mallets, Blower, Digital Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Torque wrench, Spanner, Portable & Bench Drilling Machine, Grinding & buffing machine with different size of Bench Vice etc.
  • Complete Turnkey base solution for Instrumentation Laboratory by Customize engineering, design, document approval from consultant, procurement, fabrication, integration, Inspection clearance, dispatch clearance, supply including loading/unloading, installation, commissioning & training of full operational system.
  • Integrate interface of Multifunction Calibrator, Pressure controller, Temperature Dry Block and Calibration Management software in standalone Test bench for calibration and maintenance management.
  • Full equipped Instrumentation Laboratory for all routine, maintenance of instrumentation, electrical, electronics & mechanical task and calibration jobs.
  • Variety of instruments-equipment in good quantity for excellent management of variety of the jobs immediately & effectively.
  • Increased productivity in maintenance jobs avoid the failure, which reduce the loss of crores both in revenue and in energy.