Beamex MB Temperature Metrology Block

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Beamex MB Temperature Metrology Block

Portable temperature dry block delivering bath-level accuracy for industrial applications

The MB Metrology Temperature Block is a portable temperature dry block delivering bath-level accuracy for industrial applications. The Beamex Metrology Temperature Block (MB) is a high accuracy temperature dry block. It delivers bath-level accuracy in a convenient dry block.

It enables you to take laboratory-level accuracy performance with you out to the field. The unique dual zone control techniques enable excellent stability and uniformity. Immersion depth to 203 mm and temperature ranges from -45 °C … +700 °C.

High accuracy and stability

With a conventional dry block, you typically needed an external reference sensor if you wanted better accuracy. The Beamex MB has accurate internal temperature measurement and display accuracy up to ±0.1 °C, so you can get high accuracy even without an external reference sensor. With the unique temperature control techniques the Beamex MB has excellent stability up to ±0.005 °C. This kind of stability has usually been found only in baths, not in dry blocks.

Built-in high-accuracy reference input (in R model)

If you want the best accuracy from the MB, there is a possibility to connect an external reference sensor into the reference sensor connection (R model). This eliminates the need for a separate reference thermometer. The reference sensor measurement is accurate up to ±0.006 °C. ITS-90 or CVD coefficients can be used to compensate any sensor errors.

Wide temperature range from -45 °C to +700 °C

A wide temperature range from -45° C to 700° C is available with the various models.

User friendly

The large LCD display, dedicated numeric keyboard and multilingual, menu-based user interface makes the Beamex MB easy to use. A graphic and audible stability indicator lets you know when a block is stable. The HOT warning light indicates when the block is hot (over +50 °C). The warning light blinks as long as the block is too hot to touch, even when the unit is switched off or when the mains cable is disconnected.

Axial uniformity

With the unique dual zone control and extended well depth, the Beamex MB has an excellent axial uniformity up to ±0.02 °C.

Radial uniformity

Radial uniformity is the temperature difference between the holes in insert. It is naturally crucial that the reference sensor and the sensor being tested are at the same temperature. The Beamex MB offers radial uniformity up to ±0.01 °C.


With the extended well depth and the dual zone temperature control feature, the Beamex MB can compensate the effect of loading and provides loading specifications up to ±0.005 °C.

Immersion Depth

The Beamex MB series provides immersion depth up to 203 mm (160 mm in MB140), which, together with the control techniques, provides more stable calibration. Moreover, a deeper immersion depth reduces the stem conduction error (heat loss into the atmosphere), especially in higher temperatures.

Accredited calibration certificate

Each Beamex MB Metrology Temperature Block is delivered with an accredited calibration certificate.

Part of the Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution

The communication port enables communication with selected documenting Beamex MC-calibrators for automating calibration and documentation, making the Beamex MB products part of the Beamex Integrated Calibration System. Combined with the Beamex MC5 calibrator, loop calibrations are possible on conventional, HART and Fieldbus temperature transmitters with sensors.

Available models

  • MB140 / MB140R with range -45 °C … +140 °C
  • MB155 / MB155R with range -30 °C … +155 °C
  • MB425 / MB425R with range +35 °C … +425 °C
  • MB700 / MB700R with range +50 °C … +700 °C

The R models include an internal reference thermometer with a connection for external reference sensor.