Humidity-Temperature Smart Logger HT16u

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Humidity Temperature Smart Logger

The HT16u Humidity-Temperature Smart Logger is ideal for monitoring humidity and temperature of storage areas, clean rooms and buildings in Pharma and other industries. The HT16u is compact, easy to setup, accurate and most cost effective.

Ht16u is available in two versions, Temperature only and Temperature with Humidity combined, at the heart of the measurement and logging is the built-in RH & Temperature digital sensor chip-highly accurate with guaranteed long term stability. Real time measurements are displayed on a custom built LCD with 0.1 resolution and engineering units, Min/Max value of current batch is displayed on demand and resets on start of new batch, battery and alarm status is also displayed in run time, unit can Log up to 400,000 records with time stamp.

The unit consumes extremely low power, operates on two Lithium Coin cell, is housed in an elegant compact wall mount enclosure and has two front panel keys for operation. The Humidity Temperature Logger has a micro USB port for Logged data retrieval, device configuration and Auxiliary power operation where available.The free SMART-HT allows configuration, viewing and downloading of logged data. The more advanced SMART-HT21CFR generates non-editable reports and is 21CFR part11 compliant

Features of Wireless Humidity -Temperature Smart Logger

  • Compact RH/T Smart Logger with integral LCD display
  • Max / Min readings with reset
  • Logs up to 400,000 records with time stamp
  • Hi/Lo Alarms status
  • USB Port for Configuration, logged data retrieval and Aux Power
  • Long Battery Life with status indication
  • Operation by front keys
  • Free Basic software for configuration, viewing & Logged data downloading
  • Optional Advanced software version for 21CFR-part11 compliance reports

Applications of Wireless Humidity -Temperature Smart Logger

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Clean Rooms & Warehouses
  • Food Industry
  • Building Automation
  • HVAC Systems
  • Cold Storages
  • Energy Management
  • Laboratory & Medical Industries