Qualitrol QNet4100 Alarm and Event Management System

Qualitrol QNet4100 Alarm and Event Management System2017-01-29T00:51:07+00:00
Qualitrol QNet4100 Alarm and Event Management System

An intelligent system for alarm management and discrete event monitoring.

QNet4100 is based on a design which is modular and scalable to support up to 4096 points. The chassis can be grouped together at single or multiple locations. Units are connected via duplex fiber optic interconnecting cables. The inputs can be grouped, filtered and routed to a variety of output annunciators per customers application.

QNet4100 system ensures real-time monitoring of events with time accuracy of 1millisecond. Early detection and accurate diagnostics is crucial to reduce outages and their associated costs. The real time display of alarms accurately represents the current plant conditions.

Secure web interface provides reports on current system state and archived historical alarm and event information. Users with assigned access control can download current system configuration, configure initial setup or make necessary changes. Multiple external time synchronization methods are supported by the system including latest industry specifications. The hardware supports accurate time stamping of events with 1 ms resolution.


  • Flexible configurations to meet customer applications
  • Real-time display of alarms
  • Remote monitoring and configuration
  • Reliability by design
  • Multiple time synchronization and high stability clock
  • Multiple and simultaneous communication methods
  • QNet4100 secure web interface


Enables alarm monitoring and post events analysis for a wide range of applications in transmission, generation and industrial processes. Concise display of current state in real time. Enables easy identification and analysis resulting in quick problem resolution.