Digital Display Unit DDU-XX

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Masibus Digital Power Display Unit DDU-XX Slave Clock  a versatile, multi-featured code driven Digital Display Clock for NTP Servers. It displays parameters like Time, Date, Day and Frequency. This Digital Display Clock for NTP Servers decodes and displays all Time protocols like IRIG-B modulated/ TTL, NTP (Ethernet) and Serial (NGTS, NMEA and TFormats). IRIG-B decoding supports the 1 KHz modulated format (B12x) and the TTL format (B00x).

The Digital Display Clock for NTP Servers  has built-in Battery backed RTC which maintains time in case of loss of power and communication break. Redundant Input option is available for critical installations.

The 100mm large display can be viewed from a distance of over 50m.

The rugged aluminum case makes DDU-XX Slave Clock ideal for demanding industrial environments. Flush LED display of DDU-XX Slave Clock offers a wide angle viewing. Time, Date, Day & Frequency Displays are available in both Panel & Wall mount versions. Day Display is of Dot Matrix LED type.

Digital Display Unit Variants we offer:

Digital Display clock for NTP Servers

Features of Digital Display Clock for NTP Servers

  • 4” (100mm) Large Display
  • Multiple time frame Inputs – NMEA-0183[RMC] / NGTS/ T-Format; NTP Protocol; IRIG-B Modulated; IRIG-B TTL
  • Retains time during loss of power/time code
  • Wall/ Rack/ Table-Top Mounting for IP20 Enclosure
  • Wall/ Hanging-Type Mounting for IP65 Enclosure
  • Universal Power Supply

Applications of Digital Display Clock for NTP Servers

  • Synchronization with GPS System in Electrical utilities:
  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Energy and Demand monitoring
  • Distribution Interface with SCADA/RTU
  • EMS system


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