ET7S Electrical Transmitter

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Field Configurable Input Signal Transmitter

Field Configurable Input Signal Transmitter ET7S series includes Electrical Transmitters designed for accurate conditioning of standard process signal in compact DIN rail enclosure. It has two variants; ET7S10 with Loop Power Supply and ET7S11 with Auxiliary Power supply. It accepts popular current/voltage inputs like 4-20mA and retransmits it as same or another standard signal. Its input parameter can be configured in field using DIP switches.

Field Configurable Input Signal Transmitter ET7S retransmits input signal with galvanic isolation between the field and the receiving instrument. This allows signal retransmission without contaminating input signal and saving control system from damage. It incorporate low pass filters that eliminate high frequency EMI/RFI and unwanted signals from power lines, generators and motors ensuring accurate and noise free signal conditioning.

Features of Field Configurable Input Signal Transmitter

  • Loop/Auxiliary Power supply
  • 0.1% Accuracy
  • 1.5KV Isolation between I/P, O/P and supply
  • V/I input selection by DIP switch
  • Slim DIN rail enclosure
  • Front accessible Zero/ Span potentiometers