RPM Monitor 409-S

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RPM Indicator

409-S RPM Indicator is for measuring the rotating speed of a Turbine or other rotating machines; it accepts input signal from proximity sensor/transducer based on eddy current principle, it can also accept input signal from other type of proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, limit switches and rotary encoders, the unit has a isolated built-in 24V DC excitation supply to power the input sensors.

409-S RPM Indicator comes with 2 set points and relay outputs for Alarm and Trip purpose, the set points and relay logic can be user set for over speed/under speed Alarming and protection, the unit has built-in acknowledge logic for maintained as well as momentary Alarms, the relays can be configured for normal or fail-safe operation. Isolated Analog output by way of Current/Voltage is available for interface with PLC/DCS systems, also Isolated RS485 Modbus RTU port is provided to incorporate the 409-S in a plant wide SCADAsystem.

409-S RPM Indicator is compact, reliable and fit for most critical speed Monitoring and protection, the unit can be programmed for number of events/rotation and displays the speed from 1 RPM to 10000 RPM on a bright 5 digit display the brightness of which is adjustable to suit any environment.

Features of RPM Indicator

  • Monitors, Protects & Transmits Turbine & Rotating machines speed
  • Bright 5 digit Display with brightness control
  • Programmable events per rotation
  • 2 Set point with Relay output for Alarm/Trip
  • Analog output for PLC/DCS interface
  • Modbus RTU output on RS485 for SCADA