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Solar SCADA in the current business scenario helps EPCs in collaborating with multiple investors to put out big solar parks, which demands precise data management by Solar SCADA to provide only relevant data to respective investor. Simultaneously, to ensure high performance, low downtime and fault detection of a solar PV power plant during its entire life cycle EPCs require data from various solar plants consolidated in a central location and facilitate O&M team for remote operations and management of PV plants.Our integrated Citect Solar SCADA solution for solar application is flexible and scalable for local and remote monitoring and control of all the key components and sub-systems typical of any grid-tied solar PV generating plant.

Solar SCADA includes Graphic display and SLD provides real time data display and a high-level overview of the system with key plant performance indicators including daily power generation, instantaneous generation, tracker status, irradiance and expected generation etc. Single line diagram which dynamically reports status, measurements, and faults (if any), for ease of understanding and improved operator efficiency.

Solar SCADA Inverter Detail Display

  • Provides detail view of the inverter’s data and allowing users to monitor performance and control output
  • Faults specific to the inverter are displayed in the alarm

String Combiner Box Data

  • Provides string level instantaneous data, historical display and performance analysis
  • A graphical comparative analysis and individual string alarms make it easy to identify low string performance or
    degradation issues

Solar SCADA Trending and analysis display

  • Real-time and historical data can be analyzed for any system component to highlight correlation and important trend
  • The user can trend as many points as desired with zoom function and further analyze the data over any user-defined
    time period

Alarm and events

  • Provides real time alarms, allows the user to acknowledge alarms, display all historical alarms
  • It provides major, minor and critical alarms
  • SMS and email alerts for alarm and event notification

Solar SCADA Diagnostic

  • SCADA provides communication diagnostic up to device level which helps operator for fault analysis


  • User authentication can be configured and assigned to restrict System and data access