String Box Monitoring SBM-16

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string box monitoring

India’s solar power capacity doubled to almost 7gw in the last 18 months bringing our capacity to 43gw overtaking hydro-electricity capacity. The Government of India is committed towards solar power generation. This shows the government’s serious intent towards pushing solar power as a priority renewable source of energy. For an EPC getting the right hardware to monitor capacity utilization of solar parks and roof top solar instalments is very important. System errors and reductions in power are often not detected due to non-reliable or faulty monitoring equipment.

Our product SBM-16 is the perfect fit for monitoring output. With its precise monitoring capabilities and an extended warranty of 6 years we are committed towards providing quality product to the market.


One of India’s largest solar park/solar roof top.

Customer Requirement

Customer requires smart monitoring of solar plant to monitor efficiency. Through remote monitoring customer wants to check PV cell power generation capacity for optimum performance of plant. Through string monitoring customer wants to check if all PV cells installed at plant are operating at maximum capacity and also identification of any faulty cells on site.

Project Requirement

  • String current monitoring
  •  Panel efficiency
  •  Fault identification

Solution features

  • Specifically designed for DC monitoring of PV strings
  • Can Monitor 12 Strings and 4 Aux sensors
  •  Can accept Hall sensors or DC shunts
  •  Hall sensors excitation built-in
  •  2 X Rs-485 ports with Modbus RTU protocol
  •  Windows configuration and monitoring software
  •  Scan time of less than one second
  •  DIN rail mount

Why Masibus?

  • Domain expertise in data acquisition application
  •  Integration capabilities & proven track record for energy monitoring
  •  Per channel cost ratio best across market
  •  6 years extended warranty on product

Customer Advantages:

  • Front LED display for status & fault diagnostics
  •  12 channel provision facility
  • Additional communication port & can measure temperature
  • Optional power supply: 230V AC / 24V DC
  • Optional Wireless communication