Vibration Protection System – Crusher Monitoring

Client: 3200 MW Power plant

Project Requirements:

  • Online Vibration Monitoring & Protection System for  Coal Crusher (Stage I & II) of Power Plant
  • The Piezo-Electric Accelerometer type pickup to be mounted on crushers. The Pickup orientation in ST-I & ST-II to be on Drive End (Horizontal) & Non Drive End (Horizontal) of crushers.

Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus:

  • Multichannel Vibration Monitoring
  • Absolute Vibration with contact type Accelerometer
  • Velocity and Displacement range (user selectable)
  • 4-20 mA Retransmission O/P given to DCS System
  • Relay O/P give to PLC System
  • Communication
  • SCADA software at Control Room
  • Masibus provided Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Online microprocessor based Vibration monitoring system for 3200 MW power plant
  • The monitoring system of the crusher includes a vibration sensor, Vibration monitor cum transmitter, Vibration monitoring system – VMS P
  • Monitoring system gives overall vibration, trend of vibration, data storage and alarm in case of abnormal

Customer Benefits:

  • Vibration sensor detects faults in the components of the crusher before the magnitude of fault results in significant damage of the crusher and before the occurrence of secondary damage or catastrophic machine shutdown.
  • Vibration sensor can detect faults in the crusher such as the bearings, in the crusher, damaged bearings and gears, motor faults, and in some cases unbalanced rotors.
  • Vibration monitoring system performs fault analysis of vibration signals in the crushing device. This advantageously prevents misdiagnosing faults because of noise generated during the crushing operation of the crushing device
  • Database for Analysis
  • Continuous protection of machine for high vibration