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Beamex MC2 Multi-Function Calibrator

Beamex MC2 Multi-FunctionCalibrator

The MC2MF is a compact and easy-to-use hand-held calibrator. It has a large graphical display, a menu-based interface and a full numerical keyboard. The MC2 represents the high, uncompromised quality standards of Beamex calibration equipment.

The Beamex MC2MF is a documenting* calibrator. This means that it saves calibration results in its memory and communicates with Beamex calibration software (LOGiCAL) for fully paperless flow of calibration data. Using a documenting calibrator, there is no need for error prone manual entry of calibration results at any step of the calibration process. This saves you time and money, and improves the quality of calibration results.

  • Documenting calibrator
    • The Beamex MC2 is a documenting calibrator and is part of the Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution.
  • Compact and user-friendly
    • The MC2 is a compact, lightweight portable calibrator with large graphical display, multilingual interface and full numerical keyboard. Calibration is quick and simple.
  • Accuracy guaranteed
    • The MC2 is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate.
  • Safe and robust field calibrator
    • The MC2 with impact protectors and membrane keyboard is robust and made for tough use.
  • Wide range of configuration possibilities
    • The MC2 provides a number of configuration possibilities, such as internal and external pressure modules.
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