Manufacturing Servcies

Companies specializing in innovative technologies often look for a partner to outsource the manufacturing and logistics of products designed by them, either owing to limited capital or capacity.

Rhombus takes up such manufacturing services based on customer designs.

Our Services

Initial Planning
  • Project understanding
  • Preconditions
  • Functional requirement
  • Operational requirement
  • Resources
  • Time line
  • Schematic review
  • Layout review
  • Mechanical/ thermal design
  • Verification & change
Product Engineering
  • DFM analysis
  • Phenomenon duplicate
  • Software/ firmware interfacing
  • Analysis & verification
  • Power on/off and software/ firmware testing
Prototype & Fabrication
  • PCB fabrication
  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Board assembly
  • Hardware and firmware
  • System assembly
  • Alpha release to customer for functional testing
Prototype Testing & Validation
  • System validation testing
  • Reliability & safety testing
  • Implement changes based on customer feedback
  • Beta release for field verification
  • Certification test
Production Release
  • Planning for volume production
  • Procurement
  • Setup for automatic/ semi automatic product testing
  • Packaging & delivery as per schedule
  • Warranty support



  • Comprehensive process control & monitoring module
  • GPS Time synchronization server
  • WI-FI based LAN switch
  • Field interface module
  • Substation monitoring solution
  • Remote monitoring unit with GSM
  • Wireless current & voltage measurement data logger
  • EMS (Energy Management System)

Security and Surveillance

  • Biometric authentication and access control products: Wall mounted and handheld
  • Smart surveillance cameras for consumer, retail, homeland security and defense applications
  • Hybrid video recorders for recording inputs from analog and IP cameras

Power electronics

  • AC/DC & DC/DC Power supply
  • Energy metering and remote monitoring
  • Motion control device
  • Battery backup management
  • Power RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)

Industrial & Automotive

  • Navigation system – GPS based marin and automotive navigation system
  • Signal conditioning modules – Isolated analog and digital signal conditioning modules
  • Microprocessor based textile equipment: print the name selvedge on cloth
  • Drive through order processing system
  • Locomotive system monitoring and analytics
  • Street light controlling

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