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Metal Industry

Metal Industry

Plant wide SCADA System

Plant wide energy monitoring system provides monitoring of electric and utility parameters, which includes generation, consumption and distribution of fuel gases and utility items such as Steam,Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Compressed Air etc. on round-the-clock basis.

  • Centralized Data Acquisition and Monitoring
  • Maintain Gas Supply verses Demand
  • Analysis of different energy parameters
  • Management Information System (MIS) Reporting
  • Higher Availability of System
  • Identify inefficient Equipment
  • Load Pattern Analysis
  • Maximum Demand Control
Calibrator/ Multifunction Test Bench Solution
  • Multifunction Calibrators for Temperature, Electrical and Pressure Parameters
  • Multifunction Test Benches for Automatic Pressure and Temperature Calibration
  • IP65-Rated, Dust and Water Proof Calibrators for Field Use
  • Dry Block Temperature Baths for High Temperature Calibration
Wireless Crane Monitoring System

Wireless Monitoring System for moving cranes in production environment provide real time monitoring and control with MIS reports which facilitated to increase availability, safety, production & AMP; maintenance planning, fault alert and tracking. Proven wireless crane monitoring system has
following features:

  • Centralized Monitoring and Control of Cranes
  • Real time monitoring of Crane operation parameters
  • MIS Reports for Analysis of Productivity, Availability, Maintenance etc. of Cranes.
  • Access to all PLCs program and configuration for remote modification
    Monitoring and recording of operator’s activity
  • Reliable and seamless connectivity of moving crane in harsh environment (High Temperature and High Electromagnetic Interference)
  • Web Client for Access SCADA System from Anywhere, Any time and Any Device
PLC/ DCS system

PID Ratio Control Complete Boiler Control in controller cascading and integration with the existing hardware/DCS

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