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Thermography Services

Thermography Services

Infrared thermography services is the analysis of thermal information by using non-contact thermal imaging devices. Infrared Thermography is used to detect hotspots, heat loss, leaks, insulation defects etc. so that maintenance personnel can take appropriate action to correct the problem, therefore avoiding losses resulting from plant shutdowns, increasing the life and efficiency of machines, and ensuring the safety of employees.

Masibus provides Thermography services to carry out the survey of electrical installations (MCC & PCC panel, switchgears, motor junction box terminal, switchyards etc.) and mechanical equipment (compressor, pipe leakage, refractories etc.)

We are well supported with professional experts for high quality industrial vibration analysis. Our skillful domain experts are capable of rendering the most satisfactory services keeping the end vision of our esteemed clients in the mind.

  • Infrared thermography provides a quick and safe way of detecting problems in many different situations
  • Modern infrared cameras are used to detect abnormal rise in the temperature of machinery temperature that indicates potential problems
  • Detailed report along with the color thermograms is generated
  • Can be safely carried out while equipment is running, reducing the requirement for PM outage
  • Significantly reduce unscheduled power outages
  • Detect problems quickly, without interrupting service
  • Evaluate priorities for corrective action
  • Minimize preventive maintenance and troubleshooting time
  • Comply with insurance company requirements
  • Check for defective equipment while still under manufacturer warranty
  • High & Low voltage Electrical system
  • Switchyard
  • MCC & PCC Panel
  • Motor terminal connection
  • Rotary Kilns
  • Mechanical Systems, Utility
  • Steam Turbine and Hydroelectric Generators
  • Refractory insulation inspection of Boiler, Blast Furnace, Kiln etc.
  • Valve leakage detection
  • Sinters, Gear boxes
  • Industries served are Power, Metals, Cement, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Fertilizer

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