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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

IIoT Solution

Energy has been a constant requirement which has been on a rise exponentially ever since the commencement of first industrial development. Although there are many source of energy but Oil & Gas is the major contributor for energy requirements for decades. With the rise in demand of accountability on the environment, there are lots of measures which has to be taken by oil & gas industries without escalating which is already a high cost.
Industrial Development 4.0, i.e. IIoT is playing a great role in achieving the same;
• Predictive Analysis
• Optimized Production
• Reduction in Maintenance Cost
• Improving Plant Performance through Artificial Intelligence

Custody Transfer SCADA

Continuous monitoring of mass flow meter parameters namely mass flow rate, mass flow total,volume flow rate, volume flow total, density & temperature. Batch report generation with details of product name, batch start/stop time, temperature, cumulative mass, cumulative volume.

PLC/ DCS System

PLC based LEL & Gas detection System/DCS Integration and development in existing system to integrate the provided solution to the existing monitoring system / distributed control system.

  • Gas metering skid as per FDS
  • PLC based metering skid solutions
Gas Distribution SCADA

Central SCADA system provides monitoring and control of all remote dispenser, compressor, distribution system and flow computer with following features:

  • Flexible and Scalable architecture
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Secured Wireless VPN Connectivity
  • Real Time monitoring of dispenser including total Litter, amount and selling Price etc.
  • Price and K Factor Modification from Central SCADA
  • Monitoring of every transaction selling price and volume.
  • DG Run Hours
  • MIS Report for GAS metering
  • Communication Diagnostics
Calibrator/ Multifunction Test Bench Solution

Intrinsically Safe Documenting Calibrators for use in potentially Explosive Environments and Hazardous Areas with in-built HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA Communication feature ATEX, IECEx, PESO Certified / Approved Process Calibrators suitable for Zone Multifunction Test Benches for Calibration of Electrical, Pressure and Temperature Parameters

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