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Power Plants

Power Plants

Time Synchronization

Precise time available across the entire grid enables utilities to better monitor and control power systems with faster response times to effectively manage disturbances and ultimately prevent system-wide blackouts.

Time synchronization of equipment like Event Loggers, PMU, Disturbance Recorder, PLC/DCS/SCADA etc

Energy Management/ Monitoring System

Centralized comprehensive EMS captures real time data from the electrical and non-electrical devices to monitor the generation, consumption and distribution of energy with following major features:

  • Real time energy monitoring
  • Graphical data display
  • Energy data representation over Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Real time and historical trends Analysis to identify inefficient equipment
  • Alarms/ event management with time-stamping
  • Web based monitoring with customized reports
  • On-demand, scheduled and customized reports
  • Auto-email feature of generated reports
  • Integration with MES system/ ERP system
ID/FD fan monitoring system

Elements like seal failure, bearing failure, poor lubrication, coupling problem misalignment and fan/ blower Imbalance can be monitored using a online vibration monitoring system.

  • Frequency of failures will reduce by online vibration monitoring
  • Alarm level can be set as per the criticality
  • Measurements can be acceleration or velocity
Fault & Event Monitoring System

Alarm monitoring and post event analysis for a wide range of applications in transmission, generation and industrial processes

Comprehensive power system monitoring at minimum cost for substations and generating stations Wide area measurement, protection and automation
applications based on streaming synchronized phasor measurements and digital status

Cooling Tower Fan Vibration Monitoring System

Access to gear box is difficult in cooling tower fan sensor to be mounted on bearing support part on motor and gear bearing condition, causing vibration and fan vibration can be measured online detection of potential problems like fan imbalance/ broken fan blade can be detected at early stages. Low cost to justify installation.

PLC/ DCS system

PLC Based Data Acquisition and Control System

Standalone & AMP; Hot Standby Programmable Logic Controller based system Graphics, trend and report development as per the requirement.

Integration of legacy systems to the system network for one stop SCADA solution for better monitoring and control application

Calibrator/ Multifunction Test Bench Solution
  • IP65-Rated, Dust and Water Proof Calibrators
  • Multifunction Documenting Calibrators for Safe Zone
  • Multifunction Test Benches for Calibration of Electrical, Pressure and
  • Temperature Parameters
  • Software Test Bench for Fully Automated and Paperless Calibration Solution
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