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Beamex MC4 Documenting Process Calibrator

Beamex MC4 Documenting Process Calibrator

MC4: a compact, easy-to-use documenting process calibratorThe Beamex MC4 is a documenting process calibrator. Instrument data can be sent from a computer to the MC4 and calibration results can be uploaded from the MC4 to a computer containing the Beamex CMX calibration software. Being a multifunctional calibrator, the MC4 is suitable for calibrating various process parameters, such as pressure, temperature and electrical signals.

High accuracy is one of the important features of the MC4. A standard feature of the MC4 includes an accredited calibration certificate as proof of its accuracy. The correction coefficients of a PRT probe can be programmed into the MC4 to further improve temperature accuracy. The large graphical display, menu based multilingual user interface and full numerical keyboard

  • Pressure Section
    • Internal pressure module
    • Connection for interchangeable external pressure modules

    Electrical Section

    • Current measurement (with internal and external supply)
    • Voltage measurement
    • Frequency measurement
    • Pulse counting
    • Current generation (with internal and external supply)
    • Voltage generation
    • Frequency generation
    • Pulse generation
    • Switch sensing
    • Internal HART® compatible 24 VDC loop supply
    • mV measurement / simulation
    • Resistance measurement/simulation
    • RTD measurement / simulation
    • TC measurement/simulation
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