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Smart Reference Probes

Smart Reference Probes

  • The Beamex smart reference probe is a high-quality and extremely stable PRT probe with an integrated memory that stores the individual sensor coefficients.
  • The sensor works as plug-and-play with Beamex FB series of temperature blocks (R model).
  • The temperature block automatically reads the sensor coefficients from the sensor and makes the necessary adjustments.
  • The sensor can also be used with the Beamex MB series of temperature blocks (R model).
  • The sensor is available as a 300 mm straight version or a 90° bent version, making it an ideal reference sensor for the Beamex temperature block.




  • Temperature range -200 °C… 420 °C / 660 °C
  • High stability, up to ±0.007 °C
  • 300 mm straight and 90° bent versions
  • Accredited calibration certificate with data and ITS-90 coefficients included as standard
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