Process SCADA for Power Plant

Client: One of the India’s largest Power Generation Company    Project Requirements: Plant Parameters to be provided to Central Operational Team @ Delhi for improvement of plant performance/ efficiency Obsolete Hardware is to be removed with latest open hardware With the redundant SCADA functionality, existing Hardware like Chart Recorders, Indicators [...]

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Sub Station SCADA System

Client: One of the largest integrated power utilities having presence across the value chain of generation, transmission and distribution. Project Requirements: Centralized SCADA Server to capture substation information such as events, measuring parameters as well as remote controlling with highest system reliability and performance. Sub Station Protocol Support – IEC [...]

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Fault Recording System

Client: Power Plant in Maharashtra Project Requirements: Disturbance Fault Recording system for Lines When any Line is trips, to find the cause and to fill RCA report i.e. Root Cause Analysis Report. Need information – at what time fault occurred, status of digital channels, status of analog channels etc. Solution [...]

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Time Synchronization with redundant GPS System

Client:   500MW Thermal Power Plant in Karnataka Project Requirements: Redundant Master & Slave Clock system for maintaining uniform clock frequency in the SCADA (DCS) system, Protection relays, Electrical switchgear and Display clocks. Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus: Master Clock system receives the synchronizing pulses from the Global [...]

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Time Synchronization GPS System

Client:   IT system in Gujarat and Noida Project Requirements: Time synchronization vide GPS based Master clock at Primary Data Centre (PDC) and Disaster Recovery Centre  (DRC) each to synchronize the respective server landscape time Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus: 12 Satellite parallel tracking Supports synchronization of IEC61850 [...]

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Solar SCADA System

Client: One of the major Solar park EPC/Consultant Project Requirements Requirement complete 15 MW Solar park Scada System Data logging with remote data access and State Load Dispatch Center connectivity Control system suitable for solar park environment for high temperature Control system compatible for different protocols Dashboard for plant monitoring [...]

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Instrumentation Laboratory Equipment Package for Power Plant

Client: Supercritical technology based Mega Power Plant. Project Requirements: Turnkey based complete “Instrumentation Laboratory Equipment Package” Wide variety of test & measurement instruments Solution provided by supply of primary standard DWT, Master & Test Pressure Gauge to secondary standards multifunction electronic calibrator Complete electronics troubleshooting & repair solution provided by [...]

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Auxiliary Power Consumption Monitoring SCADA for Power Generation Unit

Client: Leading Power Generation Company in India Project Requirements: Auxiliary Power Consumption Measurement & Record Major equipment Efficiency Calculations Various MIS Reports Multiple Users connectivity across the Organize Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus: 300+ Energy Meters are connected 15 Min Energy calculation Real time Auxiliary Power Consumption Monitoring [...]

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Thrust Monitoring System

Client: 11MW steam turbine of the power plant. Project Requirements: Thrust monitoring system for shaft axial position (Thrust position) measurement in Steam Turbine Axial/thrust position measurement with relays & contacts for alarm and tripping along with Field Monitoring display. Solution Features, Differentiators & Role of Masibus: Non-contact type Sensor Indicates [...]

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Vibration Protection System – Crusher Monitoring

Client: 3200 MW Power plant Project Requirements: Online Vibration Monitoring & Protection System for  Coal Crusher (Stage I & II) of Power Plant The Piezo-Electric Accelerometer type pickup to be mounted on crushers. The Pickup orientation in ST-I & ST-II to be on Drive End (Horizontal) & Non Drive End [...]

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