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Flame Proof Dual Channel Indicator cum Controller LC5296-XP-DC

Flame Proof Dual Channel Indicator cum Controller LC5296-XP-DC

Masibus model LC5296-XP-DC FLP Dual channel Indicator cum controller or dual channel on-off temperature controller is certified for the use in Zone 1 of Gas group I, IIA & IIB Hazardous areas. LC5296-XP-DC is available in compact enclosure designed with Touch Sensitive Keys to give full programmability and ease of operation. The Unit is wall mounting with up to 5 gland openings for multi-core cable wiring.
LC5296-XP-DC Dual channel Indicator cum controller is designed using proven micro-controller technology, this controller has been validated to perform accurate and reliable performance in harsh field environments for various process and monitoring applications. LC5296-XP-DC is available with easy to read 4 digit, dual 0.56” Red 7 segment LED display for process value., brightness of which is user adjustable.
It accepts RTD/ mA/ Volt input and provides two relay outputs to perform various control and alarm functions. Process value can also be retransmitted to remote devices as standard current/ voltage signals. Data acquisition can be done on SCADA/ PLC applications through RS485 for further process automation.
Model LC5296-XP-DC is designed to accept universal supply of 85- 265V AC, even it is also available for low voltage 18-36V DC operation as an option. A fast sampling 16-bit ADC is used to provide accurate and repeatable performance required for most critical applications.


  • For gas group I, IIA and IIB as per IS:2148/04 and IP65 as per 13346:04 (Optional: IIC group)
  • Compact and Light weight
  • Patented design with Touch Sensitive Keys for Operation
  • Bright Red seven segment LED Display
  • Display brightness control
  • Re-transmission output (optional)
  • RS485 serial communication (optional)
  • Universal Input (RTD, Volts/mA)
  • Fail-safe Design protecting the process in case of system malfunctioning
  • Relay/ retransmission output mapping with respect to input channel
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Temperature controlling in reactors
  • Pressure controlling in reactors
  • Chemical
  • Pharma
  • API Plant
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Pesticide
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