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Masibus USB Converter

Masibus USB Converter

Masibus Manufacturer of The mUSB232 & mUSB485 which is a family of communication devices. The USB media converters provide a simple method of adapting Industrial and commercial serial devices with RS232/485 interface to modern USB ports. Each media converters contains a small electronic circuit board mounted inside a rugged plastic enclosure capable of withstanding industrial temperature ranges. The integrated electronics also include RS232/RS485 level shifters and Tx/Rx LEDs to provide a visual indication of data traffic through the media converter.

The Cable incorporates a standard USB-A device connector for connection to an upstream host or hub port. RS232-level signals, including modem handshake signals, are available on an industry standard DE-9P connector cable. The RS232-level data rate range is 300 baud to 1 M baud.

The media converter cable requires USB device drivers, available free in CD supplied with media converter, which is used to make the media converter appear as a Virtual COM Port (VCP). This allows existing serial communications software, such as HyperTerminal, to exchange data through the media converter to industrial RS232/RS485 peripheral devices.

  • USB Port powered
  • Small to fit in laptop bag
  • Supports Microsoft Windows® WHQL-certified, Mac OS X,
  • Linux and Windows CE device drivers
  • USB 2.0 or higher compatible port
  • Baud Rate Supports: Max 1 Mbps.

USB to RS232 Converter

  • Convert the signals to RS232
  • Port: 9 PIN DB Male connector
  • Output – RS232 full Handshaking

USB to RS485 Converter

  • Convert the signals to RS485 level
  • Outputs: D + / D
  • Maximum 32 nodes
  • 120E Termination Resistor selection
  • Media converter
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Field Service Application
  • Serial RS485 to USB Converter
  • Serial RS232 to USB Converter
  • Automation
  • IT
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mUSB Converter Driver

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