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128-Channel Logger / DAQ Module 8040

128-Channel Logger / DAQ Module 8040

Masibus Manufacturer of Multichannel Temperature Datalogger Model 8040 which is a high performance Data Acquisition and Data logging Device, designed to work as a standalone unit or with PC Interface.
multichannel Temperature Datalogger 8040 is available in 19” sub-rack with 10 I/O slots, the architecture supports a max of 8 universal Analog input modules and max of 2 Digital output modules, Power Supply and Main Controller Module.

The 16 channel Universal Analog Input (AI) Module supports 8 thermocouples types, 2 RTD types and Current/Voltage, each module has a high resolution, fast ADC and delivers data update rate in 3 seconds,
The AI module is available in channel to channel Non-Isolated & Isolated Differential configurations.

Temperature Datalogger has Alarm Control feature using Comprehensive Alarm/Trip logics

Temperature Datalogger comes with The Real time logging function with time-stamp.

Temperature Datalogger comes with mACplus software for datalogger configuration, calibration and retrieving logged data to PC.

Temperature Datalogger comes with digital outputs like 8 Channel relays and 16 Channel open collectors, which freely mapped to generate Alarm/Trip or status outputs.

Temperature Datalogger comes with Multiple Communication Ports like RS485/Ethernet/USB

Optionally, the Operator terminal comes with 24 keys & 2×16 LCD for configuration and programming of datalogger as Human machine interface.

  • 16 – 128 channel configuration
  • Scans 128 channels in 3 seconds
  • Two user dedicated serial communication Ports + one OT/HMI port
  • Ethernet port / USB port (optional)
  • 2 x 16 character LCD Operator display terminal
  • Universal input for each channel
  • Channel to channel input isolation option
  • Battery backed memory with RTC
  • Periodic Memory (25 MB)
  • Host computer/ operator terminal programmable
  • Pre Fab cable with DIN terminal Modules as accessories
  • Field to Logic Isolation on Input cards
  • Data acquisition and control application
  • Transformer monitoring and protection
  • Gas detection
  • Process monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Boiler tube monitoring
  • Pharma process validation
  • Heat Tracing circuit monitoring and control
  • RTU
  • Remote IO for PLC/DCS
  • Environmental data monitoring
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Pharma
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