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SMART Software

SMART Software

• Online Monitoring, Data Logging And Reporting• Real Time Trend/ Historic Trend Display• Auto Discovery Of Masibus Devices• Auto Tag Generation Of Masibus Devices• Supports Third Party Modbus (RS485/ TCP-IP) Devices• Multiple Pre–Built Report Options• Audit Trials and Signature Manifestations• Temper Proof Data Management

  • Out-of-the-box application to quickly and easily acquire, view and log data
  • User friendly, fully configurable, highly scalable, no programming required
  • Offline configure devices, channels, and acquisition options
  • Multi-Port network interface and connectivity with multiple devices
  • Real time data acquisition with configurable scan rate
  • Backup and Restore the network configuration and data
  • Designed to streamline the process of downloading data and reviewing it in a user-friendly, time efficient manner
  • Online view and print facilities of data and trends
  • Historical trend view and reporting facility
  • Various pre-defined report templates
  • User selectable export to .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .csv, .txt and.ods file after data acquisition
  • Five level user privileges for software accessibility:Administrator, Maintenance, Manager, Supervisor and Operator
  • 4 level soft alarm management
  • Free version available with limited no. of access points (006)
  • The SMART licence is available for 064 to 512 points
  • Wide variety of display screens for in-depth analysis: Tabular display, Trend display, Bar graph, Line graph.
21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Features
  • Audit trials
  • Authorization and access control groups upto 5 level
  • Electronic signature components and controls
  • Protection and ready retrieval of records
  • Access security features
  • Simple PC based data logging
  • Process/ Electrical parameters reporting and monitoring
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Production reporting
  • Machine efficiency analysis (OEE and other parameters)
  • Environmental data logging
  • Machine condition monitoring
  • Temper proof data management
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