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Wireless Clock System DDU24/26, DDU44/46 & MC-2

Wireless Clock System DDU24/26, DDU44/46 & MC-2
Wireless Clock System DDU24/26, DDU44/46 & MC-2
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Wireless Clock System MC-2 Master Clock and DDU-24/26, DDU-44/46 Slave Clock is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications where accurate, synchronized time is required over wireless. It displays parameters like Time and Date.

Wireless Clock System eliminates wiring and reduces installation cost and also allows a retrofitting of an existing installation in a convenient way. Each clock can work as Slave cum repeater that helps to extend the network range. The Wireless system allows multiple Slave clocks to work on same/multiple frequency range and can retransmit without interfering with other wireless products.

Frequency hopping technology is available for error free communication in case of interference from some wireless device on some particular communication frequency.

Masibus Wireless Clock System also has more options of wired RS232 or RS485 Connection and NTP other than RF wireless connection to sync with GPS Master Clock.

Wireless Clcok System MC-2 and DDU-24/26, DDU-44/46 works on Time protocols like (NGTS, NMEA and T-Formats) for wired Connection. DDU-24/26, DDU-44/46 also available with NTP [Network Time Protocol] with PoE [Power Over Ethernet] option. The DDU-24/26, DDU-44/46 has built-in Battery backed RTC which maintains time in case of loss of power and communication break.

DDU-24/26, DDU-44/46 Slave Clock is specially designed with SS faceplates, Modular wall mounting compatible for Pharma & Clean room requirement. The rugged Mild Steel case with Front Soft Steel makes DDU-24/26, DDU-44/46 ideal for demanding industrial environments and elegant look. Flush LED display of DDU-24/26, DDU-44/46 offers a wide angle viewing. Time and Date Display are available in Flush Mount, Panel Mount & Wall mount versions.

DDU-24-XP is for use in Zone 1 and 2 of Gas group IIA and IIB Hazardous areas. The enclosure is also IP-65 certified.

MC-2 Master Clock is designed in ABS Enclosure with Wall Mount or Table Top provision.



  • Receives automatic time from network of GPS satellites
  • Transmits the time to clocks through RF or Serial
  • Synchronization of Server time system through RS232/ RS485
  • 6 digit 0.56” (14mm) LED Display
  • Status LED indications
  • Compact ABS plastic Enclosure along with Antenna
  • Table-top or Wall-mount option


DDU-24/ 26 or DDU-44/ 46

  • 4 digit, 2.3” (57mm), Large LED Display for DDU-24
    • 4” (100 mm), Large LED Display for DDU-44
    • 6 digit, 2.3” (57 mm), Large LED Display for DDU-26
    • 4” (100 mm), Large LED Display for DDU-46
  • Best suited for clean room applications
  • Each clock can act as Repeater to extent network range
  • Works in stand-alone mode if network fails
  • Wall Mount, Panel Mount or Flush mount option
  • DDU-24/DDU-26 is also available in Ex-proof Enclosure for gas group IIA and IIB (IP65)
  • Optional NTP [LAN Interface] with IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE


MC-2 and DDU-24/ 26, DDU-44/ 46

  • Option to communicate on RF(866 MHz Freq.) or Serial
  • Use of unlimited slave clocks within transmitter’s range
  • Multiple serial time frame Inputs Multiple serial time frame Inputs
    • NMEA-0183[RMC] / NGTS/ T-Format
  • Retains time during loss of power/time code
  • Manual Time Setting(In case of GPS Failure)
  • International Time Zone option
  • 12 Hour and 24 Hour Time Format
  • Time and Date Display (Front keypad selectable)
  • Communication loss indication
  • Universal Power Supply

Synchronization with GPS System in

  • Pharmaceutical Industry and Process Industry
  • Factory/Offices/Warehouse/Canteen/Cleanroom
  • School/College/Healthcare units[hospital, Laboratory]
Product Catalog

DDU-24/26 User Manual

DDU-44/46 User Manual

Software- MC-2

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