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Qualitrol Q-PMU 9 Phasor Measurement Unit

Qualitrol Q-PMU 9 Phasor Measurement Unit

A scalable and modular substation hardened Phasor Measurement Units for connection to up to ten three phase circuits to calculate and stream phasors in compliance to the IEEE C37.118.1-2005 specification. Available in following options

  • 9 analog and 32 digital channels (Q-PMU 9)
  • 18 analog and 32 digital channels (Q-PMU 18)
  • 36 analog and 64 digital channels (Q-PMU 36)
  • Synchronized streaming support for maximum of 36 phasors and 64 digital inputs
  • Ideal for use when a multifunction device cannot be justified
  • Modular and scalable platform with full compliance to IEEE C37.118.1-2005
  • Simple configuration using standard web browsers
  • Complies to industry security requirements
  • No need for any other software package
  • Measurements to less than 1% TVE over a wider dynamic range of current and voltage inputs than required by C37.118 (2005)
  • Flexible frame rates up to 50 / 60 Hz to optimize communications channel utilization
  • Analog values such as real, reactive, apparent power and sequence components can be appended to the phasor stream
  • A distributed architecture for a system wide Phasor Measurement Units installation at various generation, transmission and distribution locations.
  • Enables various wide area measurement, protection and automation applications based on streaming synchronized phasor measurements and digital status.
  • Flexible and optimized channel utilization for an effective high-speed transmission application to low cost distribution synchronizing applications.

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