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MSC Converters FAQ

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MSC Converters FAQ

No, Only MODBUS TCP/IP Server/Slave port

No, It will replace RS-485 wired link to ZigBee Wireless link

64 Modbus Slave devices can connect on ZigBee Port via MSC-ZB-RS modem

  • 64 Modbus Slave devices can connect on RS-485 Master Port
  • Two RS-485 ports available
  • One port active at a time

Profibus DPV0 Slave with 244Bytes Read/244 bytes write

It works on 2.4GHz ISM. Indoor range is <100 meters, outdoor range- Clear line of site without obstacles > 1Km

No, Its available in MINT CP model with 15 slave devices limitation

2048 read/1024 write registers, 192 commands , 64 Modbus Slave devices

15 nos. of TCP/IP Clients can connect at a time on Ethernet port

Must require before installing devices, it will help you to know how much repeaters are required in network to get the data on central receiver

Depends on the site conditions. Due to cable signal attenuation/loss we prefer for upto 5 meters of RG58 cables to extend the antenna

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