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8 Channel Linearized RTD_TC Input MAS-AI-U-08-D

8 Channel Linearized RTD_TC Input MAS-AI-U-08-D

Masibus Linearized Thermocouple RTD Field Interface module have 8 nos of independent Thermocouple or Pt-100 RTD (3W) input channels. All 8 channels have factory set either Current or Voltage Output signal. Optionally offered Windows based User friendly mTRAN configuration software allows user to configure each channel for different type of TC/RTD input. Field interface module has channel wise open sensor indication that allows user to identify channel wise faults.

The interface modiules are built using the latest Technology to deliver high performance in Accuracy, Resolution, Stability and Isolation.

Linearized RTD / TC Field Interface module have Zero/Span adjustments, sensor break detection/protection, Reverse output and Reverse Polarity protection features.

Software techniques like polynomial Linearization gives Linearized output to deliver high accuracy. High level of isolation between Input and output prevents ground loop errors and protects costly measurement and control systems under fault conditions in harsh industrial conditions.

  • Universal input (RTD, thermocouple)
  • 1.5 KV AC RMS Isolation between Input, Output and Power
  • Linearized Output
  • Fast Response time: <500 ms
  • Fully Programmable for Input type & Range
  • Optional Windows mTRAN software for Configuration, Calibration & Monitoring
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Direct/Reverse output settable
  • Sensor break detection
  • Reduce cost/channel for RTD / TC input
  • Eliminate Ground Loop problems
  • Protect Expensive control systems against field faults
  • Isolate and Translate Field Signals
  • Eliminate Common Mode Voltages
  • Industrial process control, Factory automation, SCADA and DAS
  • Metal
  • Cement
  • Food
  • Pharma
  • Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water
  • Panel manufacturing
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