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Filter Display Unit FDU

Filter Display Unit FDU

The Filter Display Unit FDU can measure/ display differential pressure for up to three Filters using inbuilt sensors and is designed to give fast & accurate display of differential pressure across the Filters. FDU has up to 3 dedicated 4-digit seven segment, 0.56” Red LED displays to display PRE, FINE and HEPA Filters readings.

FDU has an inbuilt buzzer for audible alarm on Filter set point exceedance, the Filter display also blinks on set point exceedance for operator’s attention. It has RS485 communication port with MODBUS-RTU protocol for interfacing with PLC/DCS/SCADA systems. It has two digital inputs to indicate the AHU ON-OFF/TRIP status. The unit comes with free utility software for configuration and calibration. FDU is a cost effective replacement for analog mechanical pressure gauges.

  • Micro-controller based 3 Filter differential pressure Indicator
  • Up to 3, 0.56”, 4-digit Red LED Filter displays
  • Software programmable Filter ranges
  • 3 programmable Hi/Lo alarms with Audio/visual annunciation
  • RS485/MODBUS RTU communication for PLC, SCADA, etc
  • Built in AHU OFF/TRIP status LED indications via digital inputs
  • AHU OFF/TRIP soft status Available on Modbus
  • Free utility software for configuration and calibration
  • HVAC Filter condition monitoring
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