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8-Digit Flow Indicator / Totaliser 1008S

8-Digit Flow Indicator / Totaliser 1008S

Masibus 1008S is a panel-mount rate totalizer with separate rate and total display in 1/4 DIN size. It accepts linear current/voltage and pulse input for flow monitoring. This Indicator shows process variable on 5-digit and integrated total value on 8-digit display. Measured parameters are displayed with high accuracy and floating decimal point position.

Model-1008S has four optional relays and four digital inputs to configure simple flow batching operations with High/Low, Pre warn or End of process set points. It can be interfaced with SCADA/PLC using RS485 communication and analog retransmission output for process automation. Alarm/relay and data communication status are indicated on separate LEDs.

It has power supply option of SMPS (90-270VAC) or 24VDC. It is also equipped with transmitter power supply to excite field sensor/transmitter. A selectable square root extractor function enables output from a differential flow transmitter to be displayed in linear units.

  • 5-Digit Flow Rate display
  • 8-Digit Total Value display
  • Four Relays for Flow and Batch Control
  • Four Digital Input
  • Programmable conversion factor
  • Selectable square root extractor
  • High/Low, Pre warn and end of process set points
  • Transmitter power supply
  • Retransmission output
  • RS485 serial communication
  • Mass flow measurement with additional Pressure and Tempeature I/P
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