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Current/ Voltage/ Power/ Frequency Transducers

Current/ Voltage/ Power/ Frequency Transducers

Masibus manufactures high quality AC lines single function Transducer of various types to help you manage and conserve electricity. All electrical parameters such as Current, Voltage, Active Power, Reactive Power, Frequency and Power factor can be accurately measured using current transducer, voltage transducer, Active power transducer/watt transducer, Reactive power transducer, Frequency transducer and Power factor transducer respectively. A corresponding linearized signal is then transmitted for various applications such as SCADA, S/S automation, remote indication etc. Output proportional to measured electrical parameter can be connected further to Controllers, Data-Loggers, PLC’s, Analog / Digital Indicators, Recorders for display, analysis or control.

AC line Transducer series offers an economical and accurate means of current & voltage measurement on systems where the waveform is a pure sine wave. Transducers are calibrated to true RMS value of the sine wave. They can also be used with distorted waveforms where high accuracy is not required.

Electrical Transducer are having its application to interface with RTUs. Masibus make transducers are also available with dual output option. It provides accuracy up to 0.25% FS with up to 2 KV isolation. Hardware calibration is done through trim-pot.

All transducers performs with exceptional accuracy, repeatability and reliability. In addition to being most accurate, our transducers are equally preferred by OEMs/ end users to other makes for their excellent stability over a long period of operation. This world class technology now comes to you at a very competitive price.

AC line transducers are available as current, voltage in 1Ø configuration whereas power, frequency & power factor in 1Ø / 3Ø configuration.

  • High accuracy class 0.25%
  • Confirms to IEC 60688
  • AC Line transducers for all requirements
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Low burden
  • Transient protected
  • Good isolation & impulse resistance
  • Minimum ripple at the output
  • Fast response
  • Full power factor range operation
  • ABS DIN rail mounting
  • Range Available : V / I / W / VAR / PF / F
  • mA/mV/V output available
  • Average / True RMS
  • Generating/Transmission Distribution stations
  • Motors and Pumps application
  • Closed-Loop Control
  • Motor Interlocks
  • Saw Load Monitoring
  • Load Dispatch center
  • Power Equipment’s OEMs
  • HT/LT Panels
  • Substation Automation
  • Local monitoring systems
  • Power Distribution industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Metal Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Sugar Industries
  • Ceramics Industries
  • Paper and Pulp Industries
  • Panel Builders
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