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PLC System for Sewage Treatment Plant

PLC System for Sewage Treatment Plant

Customer Requirement

  • Automate operation and/or control of system in order to minimize human intervention, to improve productivity and efficiency of the system
  • SCADA based operation from control room
  • Drive communication over Modbus serial
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Connectivity with remote pumping station over VPN using cellular network
  • PLC based control system for the remote pumping station

Systems and Tools

  • Schneider’s M340 series PLC for main control system
  • Schneider’s M241 Series PLC for remote pumping station
  • HMS’s eWON hardware for cloud connectivity
  • HMS’s eFive for VPN network for communication of remote pumping station’s and main control system

Project Scope

  • Supply, design, engineering, development, FAT, installation, testing, commissioning, training and documentation
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