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Design and Manufacturing Service: Advanced EEPROM Programmer

Design and Manufacturing Service: Advanced EEPROM Programmer

Customer Details

  • One of the leading air-conditioner manufacturing company of India and Japan

Project Requirement

  • The aim of this project is to manage programming of EEPROM anywhere on field on their IDU/ODU PCBs
  • It also read and write the memory from EEPROM

Product Features

  • Scan/select model barcode for input source file to write EEPROM in PCB
  • Read memory from EEPROM IC
  • Write memory from EEPROM IC
  • Selectable file transfer setting: I2C/SPI
  • Selectable file transfer length : 8bit / 16bit / 32bit / 64bit/ 128bit
  • Fast EEPROM writing/reading process < 4Sec
  • Battery operated compact sized programmer

Role of Masibus

  • Provide a complete product engineering solution: Hardware + Firmware + Software
  • Design and manufacturing of mediator PCB to facilitate both their IDU and ODU PCB
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