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Sequence of Event Recorder for Cogen CPP (365 MW)

Sequence of Event Recorder for Cogen CPP (365 MW)

Customer Requirement

  • 1000 points sequence of event recorder for cogen CPP ( 365 MW )
  • Enables alarm monitoring and post events analysis for a wide range of applications in a generation
  • Concise display of current state in real time
  • Enables easy identification and analysis resulting in quick problem resolution
  • Integrated view of alarm and event messages provides users with visibility across the site for improved analysis
  • Increases user efficiency when performing RCAs and trip analysis
  • Allows past incidents to be further analyzed for failure patterns
  • Recording of system events with 1ms resolution

Systems and Tools

  • Redundant event logger with 1000 points system
  • Configuration & historical events software
  • Fully wired panel

Project Scope

  • A standalone sequence of event recording system (SERS) with a dedicated laser jet printer and PC with TFT monitor shall be provided
  • SER shall accept sequence of events (SOE) inputs in the form of potential free contacts (closures/openings)
  • Each contact will be diode auctioneered and dual shared between sequence of event recording system
  • The SERS is further synchronized with master clock system, every one minute using IRIG-B signal
  • Commissioning of supplied system
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