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Warehouse Management using IoT

Warehouse Management using IoT

Customer Requirement

  • Here customer wanted to read analog inputs (Temperature Sensor) data for medicine storage areas such as AC area, deep freezer, cold room
  • Daily log report of temperature readings
  • Alert e-mail & SMS for excursion limit, if any
  • Central monitoring of all the TMS system data, along with customized reports in SCADA

Systems and Tools

  • Supply of TMS system with Masibus scanner, MINT AI cards, annunciator, hooter, sensors, flexy gateway with suitable cards
  • VPN server, eFive

Project Scope

  • By using Masibus scanner, Flexy & eFive solution, the customer is managing their warehouse medicine data, which allows them to log & email daily temperature information of stored medicines in AC area, Cold rooms and deep freezers
  • Also with flexy SMS & e-mail alerts, the customer immediately gets notifications for any change in temperature from the set limits
  • Further efive allows customer to log data at a central location in connection with SCADA for daily monitoring & customized report options which is helpful for audits
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