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City Power Distribution SCADA System

City Power Distribution SCADA System

Customer Requirement

  • Flexible and scalable central SCADA system for city power distribution monitoring and control
  • To make an unmanned substation
  • Integration of 5000+ devices and 120000 IOs from protection relays, energy meters, data acquisition unit etc. from city-wide distribution substation through existing fiber optic network and GPRS VPN
  • 3 level redundant SCADA for high availability
  • Historian for MIS reporting

Systems and Tools

  • 3 Level Citect SCADA servers redundancy, 250 web clients for remote monitoring & control
  • Historian for MIS reporting
  • Data acquisition units and networking components

Project Scope

  • Supply, design, engineering, development, FAT, integration, testing, commissioning, training, documentation, handover
  • AMC supports and service
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